Cantonese Ministry

Join Us Every Saturday
BC Cantonese Service was started in 2004, with the desire to reach out to the dialect speaking community in Bedok-Chai Chee. We welcome you to join us at the BC Cantonese Service every Saturday 4pm to 5.45pm at Caleb Room Level 2.

Teaching on Spiritual Formation
We have bible teaching for an hour after Cantonese Service from 6pm - 7pm. We need the word of God to nourish, renew and grow in our knowledge and relationship with God not in our head only but in our heart.

Dialect Bible studies & prayer meeting
There is regular bible study on Tuesday 2:30pm - 3.30pm in classroom 1 at level 2. And dialect prayer meeting every Thursday 7:30pm - 9pm in Caleb Room.

毕士大粤语崇拜始于2004, 希望与勿洛菜市的方言社区接触。我们欢迎您与我们一起在粤语崇拜每星期六下午4pm直到下午5:45pm在二楼迦勒课室。

粤语崇拜后,我们有信仰教育课程一个小时从 晚上6pm直晚上7pm。我们需要神的话语来滋养、更新和成长, 在我们的认知和与神的关系中, 而不是在我们的头脑里的知识而已。

此外,我们另有查经班一个小时在星期二下午2:30pm至3.30pm,二楼课室一。每星期四7:30pm -9pm有祷告会,在二楼的迦勒室举行。

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