Tea Fellowship Duties (Revised 28.06.12)

Oikos Members on duty on the designated Sundays are to be seated strategically e.g. near the exits, for ease of moving out at the start of the last song towards end of service.

The food items are to be taken out from the kitchen (which have already been divided into 4 lots – one for each congregation mainly for English, Chinese, Dialect & Youth Services; members on duty will regulate the supply of these items from the fresh trays that are kept in the kitchen to place behind / beneath the serving points. PLEASE BEGIN SERVING ONLY WHEN THE CROWD STARTS TO FLOW IN AFTER END OF SERVICES. As you serve, please politely direct the crowd to move so others could be served as well.

Drinks (Coffee, Tea, & Cold drinks ) are to be poured at least ¾ into paper cups and not ½ unless requested by recipients, at regular intervals. Ensure that an empty container is placed in front of each Tea/Coffee/Drink dispensers so that spillage, if any, will drop into the containers.

Mops and table cloth / serviettes must be on standby at all times and all spillage must be cleaned up immediately.

Clean all the tables and ensure that any dirty part of the floor of Gideon Hall is swept and mopped. Ensure that all the food trays are empty and stack them nicely at the sitting area just outside the Gideon Hall.

Remnant drinks (Coffee, Tea, etc) are to be poured away and the containers washed and cleaned at the external wash area. All empty containers/dispensers turned upside down to drain off the remnant water, are to be stacked neatly into the steel cabinets at the external wash area. Ensure that the kitchen area is clean and any food particles are removed and disposed off.

Trash bins are placed strategically for disposal of used paper cups, remnant food items, etc. When trash bins are full, members on duty are to replace trash bags as appropriate. All trash bags, securely tightened, are to be disposed off at the rubbish disposal area next to the main gate. Trolleys are available but must be kept in the kitchen after use.

THANK YOU for your labour of service in the Lord. God Bless You.