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Saturday, 4:00 PM (Onsite & Online)

Worship Service(Saturday 4-5.45pm)

BC Cantonese Worship Service was started in 2004, with the desire to reach out to the dialect speaking communities in Bedok-Chai Chee and beyond. We welcome you to join us at the BC Cantonese Worship Service every Saturday, 4-5.45pm held at the ground floor Chapel.

Choir Practice Session(First & Third Saturday, 2-3.30pm)
Using what we have learnt – the bi-weekly Golden Eagle gospel song practice is held before the Saturday Worship Service, whereby members can serve the church with their voices, presenting gospel songs during major church events, e.g. Church Anniversary celebration, Easter, Mother’s and Father’s Day celebrations, Christmas, and we also reach out to the elderly folks during their services on Thursday.

Christian Education (Second & Fourth Saturday 2-3.30pm)
The bi-weekly Cantonese Bible study lessons is a platform for spiritual growth as we need the Word of God to nourish our souls, to renew our spirit and to grow in Bible knowledge so as to enrich our relationship with God. Anyone who desires to deepen his/her knowledge of the Bible is welcome to join us.

Dialect Prayer Night (Thursday 7.30-9pm)
God desires Christians to pray “on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests” (Ephesians 6:18). This Prayer Meeting is a power-packed meeting for Christians to touch the heart of God. Also, it allows God to help grow our faith and to form and strengthen bonds amongst Christians. Everyone is welcome to join in this life-changing dialect Prayer Night.

Visitation Ministry – Tuesday & Wednesday Afternoon
The Dialect Ministry is a ministry without walls. A group of Christians together with their pastor will visit the sick, either in their homes or in the hospital, and visit pre-believers, or anyone who is in need of pastoral care.


粤语福音诗歌练习班 (第一,第三个周六下午2-3.30时)
学而致用 - 金鹰合唱团的诗歌练习是在隔个星期六崇拜聚会前举行。成员将学习以他们的歌声服侍教会,在主要的教会活动期间献唱福音诗歌,例如教会周年庆典,复活节,母亲节和父亲节,圣诞节,等等。





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