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Hokkien 福建崇拜


Saturday, 9:00 am (onsite) / Sunday, 9:30 am (Online)

On May 24th 1998, the Hokkien Oikos had its first gathering with 5 Hokkien speaking members. The group met faithfully once a week in a classroom at Bethesda Cathedral, and The Lord added to the Oikos weekly those who were being saved. By end October it grew to 25.

On 4th November 1998, the weekly gathering became a Hokkien Service with mainly the elderly. Currently, the Hokkien congregation is about 100. We meet in the Gideon Hall (Level 1) at 9:20am every Sunday. Besides, every Thursday from 7:30pm to 9pm, members from the Hokkien and Cantonese Ministries meet for prayer in Caleb Room.

If you are Hokkien speaking, do join us for our various activities.

在一九九八年五月廿四日毕士大堂成立了一个福建小组, 第一次聚会有五位成员出席。当时小组每周在敎堂里的一间课室聚集。每周上帝将得救的人加给小组,五个月后小组的成员已増长到廿五位。在当年的十一月四日,福建小组正式地成为了福建聚会,成员大多数是年长者。现今福建聚会每周日都约有一百位人数出席。聚会地点是在一楼的基甸厅,时间是早上9:20am。 除了周日的聚会,福建堂和粤语堂的弟兄姊妹在周四傍晚7:30pm到9pm也在迦勒室聚集,同心祷告。若您听得懂褔建话,我们欢迎也期望您能来参予我们的聚会与活动。


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