The Beginning

In 1992, Bethesda Cathedral started as Bethesda Charismatic Centre, an independent and sovereign church with Pastor Tay Cheng Kee as pastor.

The church was built based on a vision given to Pastor Tay five years earlier on 26 May 1987. In Louisiana, USA, while driving towards Denver, Pastor Tay received a vision of a majestic white church named Bethesda Cathedral and received the strong impression of the Holy Spirit to build this cathedral.

Pastor Tay understood that this vision was an affirmation of a prophecy made by an American evangelist in 1986. A second prophecy, this time by Rev John Elliot in 1988, assured him that this was a sure sign of God's call.

Once registration as an independent and sovereign church was approved, the first worship service was held at Republic Theatre on 31 May 1992. Worship services and prayer meetings were held in various rented spaces like Odeon Katong Theatre, LASALLE College of the Arts, and Sea View Hotel until the following year.

In 1993, against conventional wisdom, Pastor Tay went ahead in obedience to the Lord to bid for a piece of land at Chai Chee Street. It was to be the land on which the cathedral would be built.

The church won the bid for the piece of land at $2.7 million. The cathedral would cost an additional $5 million to build. No one at that time could see how a congregation made up of just 200 people could afford to build this cathedral. What seemed like an insurmountable task was made possible only with God.

In 1994, Bethesda Charismatic Centre became Bethesda Cathedral. A year later, the building was completed and on 5 November 1995, the church had their first worship service at Bethesda Cathedral on Chai Chee Street.

Today, Bethesda Cathedral is a 2000-strong congregation of believers. The majestic white building that we now call home is a physical testimony of God's grace, goodness, and providence.

We welcome you to join us.